‘Hosa Hejje, Hosa Dishe’ means New Step in a New Direction.

Adolescence is a crucial period which bridges childhood and adulthood. Unfortunately, instead of recognising the transitory nature of this phase, adolescents are pushed from childhood directly into adulthood.

This plays out in different ways across genders. Adolescent girls are invariably more vulnerable than adolescent boys. Our project was envisioned to help adolescent girls develop an active voice in deciding their future and to better prepare them to meet the challenges of adolescence.

Hosa Hejje, Hosa Dishe claims schools as a site for adolescent girl empowerment programs and explores digital pathways to doing this. The goal of the project is to infuse a rights-awareness, instill a sense of active agency, kindle the spirit of autonomy and impart skills for asserting one’s voice, among girls from marginalised socio-economic backgrounds.

The project works with Kishoris, or adolescent girls, from government and government-aided schools, using digital technologies as a tool, and focusing on effectively leveraging their affordances. We are here to alter the gender dynamics that play out and to make sure that girls gain critical articulation with respect to what their status quo is and how to build their aspirations for the future. In our modules, we focus on easing them into the conversation.

Kishori Adda is our Instagram handle where we post new content specially designed for adolescent girls to nurture a confident, assertive and ambitious life for Kishoris.

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