noun_31678_ccDigital technologies are today at the forefront of global, social, economic and political interactions. Engaging with them have significant implications on citizens’ lives. These extend to crucial civic concerns such as privacy, security, capacity building, self-expression and civic participation. Thus, there is an ever growing need for citizens to be aware and informed of their rights and civic liberties in the digital sphere.

The objective of this primer is to give readers an overview of the key debates that have emerged in the digital sphere. These are articulated through a rights based approach. This primer is intended for grassroots activists and practioners and others who are looking to gain a basic understanding of the civic movements and policy deliberations surrounding digital technologies. It hopes to serve as an easy to follow, dynamic and comprehensive resource on digital rights and compliment existing learning and lived experiences of people working and engaging with development issues. It is designed to be a resource with multiple applications- whether as an educational tool kit, workshop handout or as material for discussion.

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