Opinion Pieces

Opinion Piece I : Everybody, Offline. We Need to Talk – Nadine Moawad

Dec 2017: It’s the end of an era for online activism. We have lost our safe, small, intimate spaces of digital publishing to corporate giants, state-run troll armies, and idiotic online commentary. We must recognize that the politics and policing of this space have changed under our fingertips and we must re-strategize how we are going to play the hand we have to win the war against patriarchy – both online and offline. In this article, Nadine offers 8 points of advice to feminists and queers organizing in digital spaces. Download full paper.


Opinion Piece II : Tackling Women’s Digital Freedoms and Unfreedoms Online – Through Law & Technology

“#MeToo” – the spontaneous and unstructured campaign, exposed the underbelly of sexual harassment. This campaign would not have had the results it did were it not for the Internet. However, this very same domain with its limitless reach becomes one of the most vicious weapons in perpetrating violence. Download full paper