The Guide

The Judicial Resource Guide is part of IT for Change’s work on gendered violence online. We hope the Guide can transform institutional perspectives on online gender-based violence (OGBV) and help interested members of the judiciary as well as the legal fraternity who work in this space deepen their understanding. Bringing in perspectives that are gender-sensitive, we hope to point to solutions within existing legal frameworks and reimagine the applicability of legal remedies to diverse groups of  women, who owing to their particular social locations, are often targeted by online abuse. This guide aims to accomplish the following:

To provide frameworks for judges and practicing lawyers to follow gender-sensitive approaches and move away from patriarchal notions while hearing and deciding cases.

To offer training modules for members of the legal community and judiciary across India to promote gender-sensitive readings of the law in cases of online gender-based violence.

To contribute to training curricula, including courses run by judicial academies.