Advisory Committee

Introducing Our Advisory Committee

Our Advisory Committee is composed of distinguished lawyers and academics, whose invaluable guidance has been instrumental in the development of a comprehensive resource guide to inform the judiciary’s approach to adjudicating cases of online gender-based violence.

The committee's expertise in the intricate nuances of the Indian legal system is an invaluable asset to our endeavor. Their esteemed presence has lent the project a profound understanding of the legal landscape, facilitating a contextually relevant approach. Their experiential insights have steered our initiatives, empowering IT for Change to adeptly navigate the complex dimensions of online gender-related issues.

Members of the Advisory Committee:

  1. Arti Raghavan, Advocate
  2. Jhuma Sen, Lawyer & Policy Consultant
  3. Malavika Prasad, Advocate
  4. N.S Nappinai, Advocate, Founder Cyber Saathi
  5. Nikita Sonavane, Advocate, Co-founder of the Criminal Justice and Police Accountability Project

Our Team of Reviewers

The resource guide benefited from the diligent, patient review and constructive feedback from Adv. Ratna Appnender and Adv. Ragini Ahuja. Their legal acumen and practical experience helped identify blind spots and infuse nuance into our framework and recommendations.

Please note that while the consultation with the Advisory Committee and the team of reviewers has been crucial in the conceptualization and development of the resource guide, the content of the guide does not necessarily reflect the views and positions of the Committee members and the reviewers.