The Just Net Coalition and IT for Change invite you to explore and engage with our Digital New Deal essay series, a thoughtfully curated set of long reads authored by passionate and committed scholars, activists and visionaries from around the world. In these essays, authors reflect on the current global Covid moment and its challenges from various standpoints and how the digital fits into this equation. From activists steeped in long standing battles against corporate capture of our resources and pushing for food sovereignty, labor rights, climate justice, equitable development, to scholars pondering the new questions of the internet, data, AI and the state of our public sphere, to practitioners seeking to address the disenfranchisement of countless communities and people from digital systems, the Digital New Deal captures the current anxieties, challenges, hopes and visions for the future. Beyond calling out what ails the world, our authors set for themselves in these poignant, informative, and radical pieces, the difficult challenge of outlining progressive solutions…to future gaze, imagine new possibilities and to reclaim the digital for justice.

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The Digital New Deal is a collaborative project of the Just Net Coalition and IT for Change with contributions from academics and activists envisioning progressive ways to engage with the digital in a post-Covid landscape by reclaiming its original promise and building a digitally just world.

All content (except where explicitly stated) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License for widescale, free reproduction and translation.